2008 Dunham Cellars “Trutina” (Cab/Syrah/Merlot)

So this next little rash of posts may seem as if i sat on my fire escape for the entire month of July and did nothing but drink delicious red wine amidst these harrowing heat waves. Not so. In fact i’ve been drinking delicious wine at a steady pace since my last posting in December.. so much so i’ve completely neglected this little blog. But with the steady accumulation of napkins, and slivers of paper denoting these treasures night after night, its time to call out a few! Do i taste… graham cracker and a hint of boysenberry pie on this winner from Washington? Not really, but the experts apparently do. Me, i just thought it smelled like my grandfathers shirts on a sunday, and that means a little spice and something unusually nice. So i savored this one, at an animation wrap party with Dave, Horse, and the Hennigans! just round the corner at Leylabar. I’ve loved animation for quite some time, but this love affair with Washington State wines has been really unexpected!