2009 Domaine de la source à Marguerite Grape Mistelle

Ile d’Orleans is an island on the St Laurence River just 15 minutes from Quebec City that was coined the “Island of Bacchus” when it was discovered, owing to all of the wild grape vines that were found. Here they seem to love to turn innocent fruits into highly concentrated alcohols , absolutely deadly because they go down like Kool-Aid. I tried a delicious pear cider, a black currant and maple aperitif, and this delicious Mistelle.. reminiscent of a light, even refreshing port. I think this will unfortunately be my gateway drug into the world of fortified wine…(which is wine with an additional distilled spirit added) one of probably only 3 remaining alcohol categories i had previously exhibited no real liking for. Great. I need this like i need a liver transplant. (soon)