2011 Barboursville Chardonnay Reserve

Mark this MOMENTOUS OCCASION where not only did i DRINK a white wine, but it was actually so not barf-inducing i am putting it in this sacred list. This was the state of affairs however, as close friends Matt & Rappy invited us to the woodsy hills of Virginia and a wonderful vineyard B&B earlier this year. I tried ten.. count them TEN of Barboursville’s finest red wines, and I think a white curtain might have more complexity… off the rod. Even their famed “OCTAGON” (you must say this as if your Spiderman’s nemesis speaking through a voice modulator) just could not hold up to this wino’s waterlogged palette. And so, with desperation leaking out of me like a busted canteen, i turned to this buttery white substance known as Chardonnay. Rappy! My eyes have been opened! I hear angels! The weekend! Is saaaaavvvveed!!! (octagon! say it! OC TA GON!) And to be fair by the time our absolutely amazing dinner was complete the Barbousville “Phileo Muscato” was pretty much going down like butter too. I wish we could have red wine fiascos like this every weekend! Miss you Rapps!