Had this wonderful simple lovely napa cabernet, at my first COUPON ASSISTED dinner i think since i went out with a fella about a decade or so ago who shall not be named. We went out, well. Just that once.
But its an entirely different experience when you’re with one of your best buds and thanks to the Lancaster PA Clipper, you can both save a few bucks to put towards that sweet corn at the vegetable stand just around the corner! Hayden Zug may be a funny name for a restaurant but the food was incredible, and the service and environment were totally charming. Go there even if you don’t have a coupon! In the company of my wonderful friend who’s sunny face i haven’t seen in way too long, i found myself really cherishing this evening. Lee Weber! Wee! Lebber! Its a long way from Taco Bell in Chantilly isn’t it? How our treats have changed! And it was so good to see you and Ms. Linda Mother. xoxoxoxo