2013 Ktima Kelesidi Kenegidu Xinomavro Naoussa

I visited Athens, Greece and two of the world’s most renowned wine making regions, Bordeaux and Tuscany, and surprisingly I liked this Greek wine the very best. I can’t pronounce really anything but the date on the label, but I can say this grape “Xinomavro” is on my list now as one of my faves. It means “sour black” (grape) but I taste anything but that, its very dry, full, thick and sooty, and I swear I taste it in my nose. Its similar to the Nebbiolo grape but I’ve never tasted a Nebbiolo this bold! I shared two bottles on the boat we chartered with two of my best friends, Kari and Brinda, and a new friend, Captain Kostas, who introduced me to his country and its wonderful wine beautifully.