2015 Frontonio Mictrocósmico Garnacha

I don’t often do this but this story was so fascinating I have to share the whole thing! I drank this at Camperdown Elm in Brooklyn with Deepa Deeps and Brinda in a rare weekend appearance by my best bud Brinda all the way from Atlanta! When we met a decade ago we were all single and childless, now we all have kids and new worries and bigger jobs but you put us together and nothing changes. Isn’t that the hallmark of good friends? love you ladies!

Frontonio Mictrocósmico Garnacha is named after Saint Frontonio, the patrón saint of Épila, a town in Valdejalón, North-East Spain, where it is produced. Legend has it that Saint Frontonio was beheaded by the Romans. His body was buried in a cemetery and his head was thrown into the River Ebro near Zaragoza. Miraculously, his head was later found going upstream along the banks of the River Jalón in Épila. Likewise, this limited production of “micro” wine is the result of rowing against the stream. It is also something of a miracle. It comes from a humble garage where it is made by Fernando Mora MW, Mario López and Francisco Latasa without any fuss.