2017 Skouras Portes Merlot

Another Greek wine from my trip to Athens that blew my mouth away. Drank this on a very special night with besties Brinda and Kari, it was Captain Kostas’ birthday and we were tearing it up in Hydra! (Ok Brinda was tearing it up with Kostas, I was nearly plummeting into the bay and Kari was covering her eyes as it happened) This is what is written about this delicious wine and I include it to show that goshDARNIT every single time there is “cherries” in any description its a shoo in that I will drink too much of it. I’m noticing also “cedar” is another common descriptor…. I like thick sticky sugary fruits, and wood apparently in my wine.

“Fermented and macerated in stainless steel vats, aged in French barriques (partly-new oak) for 8 months and a further 6 months in bottle. Soft but dense, sweet varietal fruit character. Red cherries, plums, sweet vanilla, cedar notes. Thick and round mouth.”