Producer: Lady Gaga is about as gigantic a rock star as anyone will ever meet. Way too big to promote her new album in the intimate way she envisioned. When W+K saw Bud Light’s stronghold on dive bars, and her humble beginnings in these very same venues… a little light bulb that would lead to dozen of awards (Cannes! AICP!) blinked on. To make sure more than 100 people in an undisclosed bar got to see the show, we livestreamed it. Cue: worldwide trending, shattering of all metric predictions, and more impressions than two Super Bowls. Then we did this 8 more times, in 6 cities and added some musical friends of hers, like John Mayer, G Easy, and Post Malone. What did I do? Along with 2 other producers, all equally tasked and with visible hair loss: I produced this. The show itself, the livestream, the material we filmed, the TV Broadcast and social content that teased and followed. Hundreds of deliverables over the course of the tour. And got an autographed LP from my new bestie, LG.