Producer: Seriously uncharted territory for many of us, the “Sprite Corner” was in essence a pop up store facade, with a backdoor event space that we took over for Sprite one summer in Soho. A vacant corner store was transformed into a kitchy green and yellow bodega that was filled with funny products that had been somewhat “Sprite-ified” like a box of “Hands for your hands” (aka: rubber gloves) or Frosted Fleeks, Dope Soap, or Bass Drops candy. Occasionally Vince Staples or Eddie Hwang would tend the cash register. The summer passed with multiple events in the back room, performances, classes, speakers. And the events were filmed and covered by content makers like Vice and BET. I created some of the behind the scenes content involved in promoting the Corner, but also worked with Canadian animation gurus Giant Ant to provide these different channels with an awesome cel animation “toolkit” of 30 or so bits and bobs to unify all of the content.