Executive Producer: Stacy Wall directed this heartwarming tale about a man, and his dog. And of course, his F-150. Matt Burke edited this epic, and learned how to build a home in the process.


Executive Producer: Director Roman Coppola and Editor Tommy Harden pulled together not one epic Superbowl spot, but 4, running simultaneously… in the same screen!


Executive Producer: This is one anthem that would have absolutely broken lesser editors but Charlie pumped iron, ate nails and made it through it! This project does not convey its complexity by the final product. A :60 cutty script that welcomes any clip one can license from anywhere in the world for a high profile […]


Executive Producer: Lisa Gunning directed and Matt Burke edited this for Bronco Sport, its a spot that makes us all want to run far far away from the city… and meet Bryan Cranston for a beer.


Executive Producer: Look at the acceleration on these zambonis! Jihye directs on the streets of NYC for Bud Light. Thank you Cosmostreet for the edit!


Executive Producer: I don’t know if its a good thing or a bad thing that absolutely nothing gives away the challenges of the insane project with what you see here in this final edit. Russell Westbrook is an NBA superstar and getting it right for him or anyone of his caliber is no small feat, […]


Executive Producer: A new client for us at Wieden + Kennedy and for this sporty gal, a dream. Even if they do televise a lot of grown men mauling each other. This Premier Boxing campaign Directed by Dan Difelice at Biscuit was a fun flurry of punches for editor Charlie Porter. Lots and lots of […]


Executive Producer: If I told you what was supposed to go into this special batch of “St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup” brew id be violating my NDA and probably making you a little sick , it suffices to say the St. Louis based Bud Light brewers are about as passionate as anyone could be about […]


Post Producer: Ever cut a music video and listen to the same song again and again and again until you want to peel your fingernails off and dip you finger nubs in acid? This did not happen to me on this project, though I have heard this song and pieces of it I would bet […]

Broadway Video

Producer: Through a relationship with Broadway Video, W+K was tapped to pitch the show opening for a new sitcom featuring the very funny John Mulaney. Never did this before and I loved navigating the gap between the network and show producers, and the commercial world.. very very different. We won the pitch with one of […]


Post Producer: Such a cool spot. Wish I’d had the pleasure of shooting it, but working on it at all was an experience. Incredible what you can make when you let creative people just go rouge. Editor Tommy Harden showed once again why he’s one of the very best.


Post Producer: Kevin Zimmerman may not be a household name just yet but he’s a helluva comedy Editor and man does he work hard! As Sprite’s chatty self referential style continues to permeate its brand work, spokespeople like Vince Staples and Lebron James lean into their roles with more and more ease on camera.. I […]


Post Producer: Awesome to work on such a longstanding campaign for ESPN, filmed without pretense in the actual offices in sunny Bristol, CT. Oddly everyone on location did get fantastically ill during this shoot. Hats off to the Mill, they labor for infinite hours on the post in these spots, what you can’t see it? […]


Producer: Director Paul Middleditch willed the sea-sickness out of us by sheer force of personality, Legacy FX (formerly the legendary Stan Winston Studio) is responsible for the very first on-camera appearance of Mr. Peanut. Jeff Wolfe, best stuntman EVER, and no qualms about tights.


Producer: Elma Garcia gave our sweet art director on her very first shoot the sticks as a momento. What could possibly endear me to a pharma shoot besides random acts of directorly kindness? MK12 did a lovely job on the floaty graphics, rabid butterflies and all.


Producer: Adweek Spot of the Month winners. Nathan Love – my incredible can-do CG house, I’m still hoping they’ll forgive me for pulling away while Joe was not yet fully in the car. Original music by absinth-swiggin’ film composer Mark Isham, and Talia Shire can still belt out a “Rocky! I love you!” that will […]


Producer: This was my swan song from Draftfcb and I spent it with two of my favorite people, Karen “Where’s Your Magic Pen?” O’Brien and Matt “Smuckles” Smukler.. i think it would be impossible to enjoy myself around 80 kids for two days in Long Beach without this incredible producer/director duo. I look at my […]


Producer: honored to meet legendary traditional animator Bill Melendez (” A Charlie Brown Christmas”) who was still perky and working at 90!


Assistant Producer: Silvercup shoot with model Milla Jovavitch. Producer: Tabletop product shoot courtesy of Big Deahl in Chicago, inferno work by Vico SHOUT Sharabani @ RhinoFx.


Assistant Producer: That this was produced about the time the internet was invented doesn’t date me does it? I was but a child in the industry! Scampering around LA with Director Peter Smillie, i was introduced to craft services and the ensuing weight gain that exposes all junior producers. What i learned? Sumos are not […]


Producer: You would think Matt Smuckler was a kids director by how i’ve used him, but in truth he used to skew a bit “darker” and I liked that notion to make sure we steered clear of the usual bright & cheesy kids performances. We chose John (the boy) for his goodnatured sass, and the […]


Producer: David Popescu? Hell yeah. I can pronouce his name AND say I knew him when. And Jesse @ The NOW Corp. found the magic cut that rendered the mysterious disappearing approval powerless!


Assistant Producer: particularly not bad at all. Shot in Rome and Dublin, with Director Peter Smillie. Lots of Guinness and red wine to offset the tedium of being in Rome and Dublin. Original music by Lee Curreri; composer, prodigy, original cast member in “Fame.”


Producer: Adweek Spot of the Month winners. Nathan Love – my incredible can-do CG house, I’m still hoping they’ll forgive me for pulling away while Joe was not yet fully in the car. Original music by absinth-swiggin’ film composer Mark Isham, and Talia Shire can still belt out a “Rocky! I love you!” that will […]